Pink Royal - Do You Mind (album review)

There is one band in Kansas City that can get you grooving and that band is called Pink Royal.  This indie rock soul band has been at it since 2012 and is better than ever.  Following their album “Taps”, they have now released their new E.P.  “Do You Mind”.  Their previous album incorporated a lot of soulful vocals that is matched perfectly with jazzy chord progression and melodic guitar parts.  Their new E.P. is infused with elaborate instrumentation with a dash of indie rock and charming lyrics; it sounds astonishing.  Something I never knew I needed in my music ears.  

Their single “Bring It on Back” is a fun up beat song that will get you head bopping in your car.  There is a nice back and forth with the clean and distorted guitar that just sounds impressive.  In the middle layer of the song,  you have singer and keyboardist, Vik Govindarajan, laying down some soulful vocals with some alluring lyrics;

“You’re asking me to stand on the corner

You’re asking me to stand outside all day

But baby I’ll wait for you forever

And honey did you know I’ll wait for you forever and a day”

On top it off you got a great hook “Bring it on back to you” to make sure you will be singing that part over and over; even after the song is done.  

My personal favorite song is “From High Above”.  You have two intricate melodic guitar parts going on the same time, a rocking drum part, and a firm bass part holding the foundation of the song.  On top of everything else, smooth vocals making sure the pieces fit together.  If any other band tries to do something like this, it would be a filthy mess.  When Pink Royal does it, it sounds melodic and mysterious that helps make the lyrics even more powerful.   

This is one of my favorite E.P’s this year.  This is the E.P. to play when you are getting ready for a Friday night.  Personally, this has been my soundtrack for a wonderful night out in the city.   Every song on this E.P. is something special, none of which you would want to skip.

- Mica-Elgin Vi