Zach Tyler, Mica-Elgin Vi, Sean East

Zach Tyler, Mica-Elgin Vi, Sean East


We are gentlemen who perform music with proper etiquette. We love mixing our sound with different genres we enjoy: jazz, rock, blues, and hip hop.  Our sound is a throwback to the late 50's to the early 60's with a modern twist.  Modern Day Fitzgerald is compared to music from different artists: the killer harmonies such as Ben Folds Five, clever lyrics like Drake, the style like Justin Timberlake, and the live energy of The White Stripes.  

Vocals, Guitar / Mica-Elgin Vi
Bass / Zach Tyler
Drums / Sean East Keys / Kyle East

Facebook: @ModernDayFitzgerald

Instagram: @moderndayfitzgerald

Twitter: @moderndayfitz

Spotify: Modern Day Fitzgerald

SoundCloud: M-D-Fitzgerald