Rachel Mallin and The Wild Type, just released their new single, “Teenage Bodies,” and it is an awesome throwback to the new wave genre. Following their previous E.P., Degenerate Matters, it sounds like the band is dipping their toes into some electronic pop, but at the same time keeping with their indie rock roots. 

Rachel, has a fantastic pop driven guitar part that is followed by a funky bass which helps drive the song. On top of that, you have a memorable synth that creates an aesthetic for a classic 80’s high school film. (I am picturing Pretty In Pink for this one.) I am in love with the melody of that song. It is so catchy, and makes you want to learn the lyrics and sing along.  

Lyrically, it reminds me about how it was so easy being young with little to no responsibilities, and living life care free. When you start falling for someone, that is when you start caring about the future and how you want to keep up with them when growing older. This is a good reflection on the transition from youth to an adult; relationships become tricky.    

The song is ridiculously catchy and has a relatable lyrical content to connect with. I would definitely be dancing this song in the halls of Ridgemont High with my walkman.  

-Written by Mica-Elgin Vi